Paper Products:

In the field of paper we can provide our customers following containerboard products:

  • Kraft Liner (KL),
  • Kraft Liner B type (KLB),
  • Test Liner Super type (TLS) and
  • Semi Chemical Fluting (SCF)

with GSM from 127 gr. to 250 gr. and width from 400 mm to 2500 mm. 

We guarantee you an attractive competitive price and excellent quality. If there is interest and need, we would be happy to provide you with further details such as 

  • price (up to 15% discount),
  • different payment terms (e.g. LC at Sight),
  • different delivery terms (e.g. CIF your port),
  • sample sheets (send per post) and
  • data sheets (incl. all quality attributes).

Chemical Products:

  •  Oils and Greases and Lubricants
  •  Glues and Paints
  •  Chemicals:
    •     Flocculants
    •     Frothers
    •     Collectors
    •     Metal Extractants
    •     Miscellaneous: STPP, COBALT SULPHATE, CU-AS ALLOY, COPPER CONCENTRATE & other Mining Reagents