Diacko Industry Support GmbH has been established in Duisburg, Germany in the beginning of 2017 by a team of skillful entrepreneurs, with 11 years of experiences in the field of procurement consulting services and direct sales as well as design and engineering.

At Diacko Industry Support GmbH, we are working with our customers to continuously provide high quality solutions at reasonable costs. We are also providing the necessary training before and after the installation of our supplied equipment in order to guarantee the success of the projects.

At Diacko Industry Support GmbH, we combine in-depth experiences, unique approaches and deep insights to implement practical industrial solutions, support business processes and unlock significant values for our clients. Our products and solutions contribute to conserving the customers’ resources.

Undoubtedly, diligence as well as knowledge and experience will always be in the center of our attention. We cover full range of instruments, from simple laboratory equipment to high-technology analyzers. We help you find solutions for the obstacles you will face on your journey to success.