“Trade is our passion, service our tradition.”

Our main engineering and development activities are based on joint cooperation with leading companies in engineering, industrial planning, consulting and scientific research. Jointly, we are in the position to provide technological and innovative solutions to exhaust economical possibilities and to enlarge the competitiveness of our customers.

Our customers know that by choosing Diacko Industry Support GmbH as their partner, they are guaranteed a highly reliable partner offering the highest standards of service throughout the lifetime of projects. We provide them solutions with tailor-made approaches. Together with our international partners, we will assist our customers optimally in their product search and deliver the required goods – just in time!

We can offer the required goods and equipment with the suitable price and additional services in the shortest possible time. Supplying the best services to the clients is our basic mission and we try to be better day by day by hearing useful feedbacks and comments of our clients.

We search the global market and counsel our customers to make them sure that they get the best offer. We take pride in dealing with any product on demand – from fertilizer to screws – with the same attention and care we give to exporting oil rigs or passenger trains.

Diacko Industry Support GmbH is a special company because of being transparent, highly efficient, sticking to International business ethics and caring about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities). We have unmatched capabilities to reliably and efficiently source and supply our customers’ needs. We are dedicated to sustainability and growth.